Sunday, March 4, 2007

SpamFreeTrackback service and other major features introduced

Today we have introduced a couple of major features on Authorati:

Authorati SpamFree Trackback service:

How do SpamFree Trackbacks work?
  • If you have not already done so, register your blog with Authorati.

  • We will review your site and verify that it is not a spam blog.

  • Once cleared, your blog can participate in SpamFree Trackbacks by incorporating the SpamFree Trackback FeedFlare in your blog posts.

  • The trackback URL for your blog posts will be revealed only to other blogs on Authorati which have been likewise verified as not being a spam blog.

  • Only trackbacks from blogs verified by Authorati will appear. All others will be automatically classified as spam and discarded.

  • To learn more about the SpamFree Trackback FeedFlare, click here.

Auto-detection of non-spam blogs:

The Authorati API provides the EvalSpamBlog URL endpoint. Any auto-discovery service can send a request to this URL and receive a XML response containing a flag indicating if the blog in question is a spam blog or not. By including a simple link in their blog HTML, blog authors can proclaim to the world that their site is a non-spam blog. Learn how...

Authorati API:
EvalSpamBlog is the first method introduced as part of the Authorati API. Learn more about this method here.

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