Friday, July 6, 2007

Meet the new

A new look went live on July 4th. Here's a quick list of what's new:

1. Timeline control: You can now view the rated blog posts on the Simile timeline control. Think of the timeline as a sort of "google maps" for your blog. You can pan across months and click on a blog post to reveal more details.

2. Postoons: Postoons are humorous, satirical titles for imaginary blog posts based on current events and personalities associated with them. Use your creativity to capture the essence of a current event in 10 words or less.

3. Featured blogs: This new section will be a rotating highlight of some of our most interesting authors.

4. Authorati badge: We have made some changes to the Authorati badge HTML. If you are currently displaying the badge on your blog, please update the HTML with the new version. You can also use the richer Authorati widget instead of the badge.