Friday, December 1, 2006

Optimize your blog feeds with the "Rate Me On Authorati" FeedFlare unit

You can now optimize your feed by including the "Rate Me On Authorati" feed flare unit in your blog feed. Your feed subscribers can now rate your blog directly from the feed. I have submitted the Feed Flare unit to be included in the public catalog at FeedBurner. But you don't have to wait until it appears in the catalog. Follow these steps to include the FeedFlare unit in your blog feed now:

1. Sign in to your FeedBurner account.
2. Select the relevant blog.
3. Click on the "Optimize" tab on the top.
4. Select "FeedFlare" from the list of services on the left.
5. Scroll down the list of FeedFlare units to the section "Personal Feed Flare".
6. In the textbox watermarked "(Enter or paste a Flare Unit URL)" enter the following URL:

In the above URL enter your authorati username in place of authorati_user_id .

For example if jdoe is your username on Authorati then your URL will be:

7. Click on "Add New Flare".

8. You should now see a Flare unit called "Rate Me On Authorati" under "Personal Feed Flare".

9. Check the "Feed" or "Site" checkboxes depending on where you want the link to appear.

10. Click on "Save" at the bottom.

You are done. Now your subscribers will see the link "Rate Me On Authorati" in their feeds.

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